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          1. Support & Services

            Keep your project moving toward the finish line. We offer a variety of support options and services so you can get the right kind of help, at the right time.


            Explore the many types of support we have for you and your project.

            Knowledge Base

            Search these articles to troubleshoot common problems.


            Search or browse the Unity User Manual for info on features.

            Issue Tracker

            View and track bugs that might be affecting your project.

            Live Help

            Get instant 1:1 guidance on any aspect of Unity or gamedev.

            Customer Service

            Get help with nontechnical issues like license and accounts.

            Premium Support

            Registered subscribers get 24-hour technical support.


            One dashboard controls monetization, optimization?and analysis.

            Cloud Build & Collaborate

            Check these guides to run your project with Unity Cloud Build.

            Analytics and IAP

            Get help with analytics and monetization services.

            Get answers

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