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          1. Mobile Games

            Create, launch, and operate your game with the leading game development platform for mobile. Battle-tested by games of all genres, it provides the bleeding-edge technology, monetization solutions, and live-ops services that you need to ensure success.

            Interview with Pixonic

            More than 50% of all new mobile games are created in Unity

            Unity keeps you and your players happy. A comprehensive mobile-game solution, Unity’s modular tools let you produce and deliver highly engaging 2D or 3D games to players around the world. And its powerful live-ops and monetization solutions ensure high visibility, rock-solid performance, and revenue growth.?

            Create seamless, end-to-end player engagement experiences

            Unity's acquire, engage, and monetization suite of products allows you to orchestrate everything post-launch.

            Get the right players into your game without overspending.

            Keep players engaged so they stay in the game for the long term.

            Make money from your game without compromising the player experience.

            Jason Chayes, Production Director, Blizzard

            “A thing that is really great about Unity is that it has native support for the tools that our artists like to use – Photoshop and Maya.”

            Jason Chayes, Production Director, Blizzard
            Alex Thabet, CEO, Ludia

            “Choosing to migrate to Unity was one of the best decisions we made on the Jurassic World Alive project. It gave us the features, flexibility and support we needed to deliver a major title on time and on budget – and we never looked back.”

            Alex Thabet, CEO, Ludia
            Peter Young, Producer, Reflections

            “The motivation to move away from our internal technology to Unity was really about challenging some of the perceptions about big game development.”

            Peter Young, Producer, Reflections
            Martin Ruel, Technical Director, Square Enix

            “Moving to Unity for mobile really helped us focus on crafting compelling experiences instead of spending critical time building engines.”

            Martin Ruel, Technical Director, Square Enix


            Universal Render Pipeline

            The Universal Render Pipeline (formerly the Lightweight Render Pipeline) is a single-pass, forward-rendering pipeline that uses very few draw calls. It’s optimized for high performance, especially on low-end hardware like phones and tablets, and on performance-hungry applications like XR.

            Adaptive Performance

            In conjunction with Samsung, we’ve developed Adaptive Performance to deliver longer play times and smoother frame rates across mobile devices. With precise information about device performance and thermal trends, you can make instant adjustments to ensure the most enjoyable player experiences.



            Prefabs?provide you with efficient and flexible workflows that enable you to work confidently in large teams without the worry of making time-consuming errors. They give you great creative freedom and increase productivity by letting you automatically iterate on multiple game objects on the fly.

            Addressable Asset System

            This advanced system streamlines developing, building, and loading game content. By loading assets by “address,” it easily handles your asset management overhead to simplify?content pack creation and deployment. It also speeds up iterations, so you can fine-tune and test your projects more often to create?higher-quality and better-performing games.

            Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS)

            With DOTS, you get Performance by Default, taking full advantage of today’s multicore processors. Its Entity Component System (ECS) provides a smart, data-oriented approach to game development based on game data, supported by the C# Job System for parallel code and the Burst Compiler for optimization.?

            Profiling tools for performance optimization

            Unity’s profiling tools help you optimize your game with reporting and?insight?into?how much time is spent in the various areas of your game, the percentage of time spent rendering, animating, or in your game logic. You can analyze the performance of the GPU, CPU, memory, rendering, and audio?while identifying your potential performance gains effectively.

            Cloud Diagnostics

            Unity’s cloud-enabled diagnostic tools – which integrate with systems like Jira, Slack, and Discord – provide crash/exception reports and user-generated feedback so you can fix issues in real-time, ensuring smooth gameplay and the highest quality of service.

            TextMesh Pro

            TextMesh Pro provides precise control over text formatting and layout with features like character spacing, kerning, sprite support, custom styles, and more – all while delivering exceptional visual quality and flexibility with no sacrifice in performance.

            2D Tilemaps

            Quickly and efficiently create 2D worlds with Unity’s square, hexagonal, and isometric tilemaps, which improve artists’?and designers’?workflow while reducing the number of objects onscreen to enable great performance on mobile without creative constraints. The tiles can be animated or automatically display the right sprite based on neighbouring tiles.

            Game Foundation

            Game Foundation provides off-the-shelf common game systems that are flexible and fully extendable,?so you can save time and focus on building what matters: unique gameplay.

            Unity Remote Config

            Unity Remote Config is a developer tool that allows you to create, iterate, and deploy changes to your application without a new binary update.

            The real-time development platform of choice

            Unity’s industry-leading real-time development platform gives developers the power to create light, fast experiences using the graphical environment of an extensible Editor.?

            Extensible and flexible

            Unity is unmatched in extensibility and ready to be adapted to your current and evolving needs with a powerful C# scripting system, comprehensive API, and extensive documentation. Source code access can be purchased for under-the-hood C++ development.

            Rapid creation

            With its intuitive UI and tools, Unity makes it easy to jumpstart a working prototype and bypass time spent on low-level programming. Changes are easy and instant through the magic of real-time, making it easier to create and iterate.

            Unparalleled platform support

            Maximize your reach with support for over 25?platforms. Unity partners early and deeply with publishing platforms so you can build once and deploy to Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen, and Fire OS as well as to PCs, consoles, and VR hardware.

            Robust integrations

            Unity includes powerful and well-documented APIs with access to the complete range of Unity systems, including physics, rendering, and communications, to enable a rich interaction model and integration with other systems.

            Optimal graphics performance

            Unity’s Scriptable Render Pipeline provides total flexibility for graphics optimization. The High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)?offers world-class visual quality on high-end hardware, while the Universal Render Pipeline (formerly the Lightweight Render Pipeline) maintains responsive performance when scaling for mobile.

            A massive catalog of assets and tools

            The Unity Asset Store gives you access to the largest marketplace of off-the-shelf assets and productivity tools to jumpstart your project. These building blocks cut down on development time to get you up and running – and across the finish line – faster.

            The largest community of real-time creators

            “Unity Developer” is #7 of the top-10 fastest-growing jobs in the US, according to LinkedIn. With the talent pool centralized on Unity Connect, and a certification program to validate skills against a standard of aptitude, it’s easy to find skilled Unity talent to build your team.

            Get trained by the experts

            For large teams in the gaming industry, we offer custom solutions designed to support your organization’s creative goals.

            Unity for Enterprise

            For large teams in the gaming industry, we provide Premium Support and source-code access – as well as offer a wide range of custom Professional Services – to ensure your organization meets its creative, technical, and market goals.

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