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          1. Remotely configure Unity content

            Remote Config empowers you to change application configurations remotely in real-time; increasing iteration speed and facilitating deployment and tuning of software.

            Verified package available now

            Unity Remote Config is currently available as a Verified package, and is accessible using Unity Package Manager. To access it follow these steps:

            1. Open your project inside of Unity
            2. Find the Package Manager (Window --> Package Manager)
            3. Type “remote” in the search box to find the Remote Config package?
            4. Links to documentation and change-logs are provided within the package.

            Content configuration management as a service

            With Unity you get a unified solution that powers continuous delivery, real-time tuning and increases iteration speed of your application.

            Dynamic Configuration

            Configure anything that is delivered to Unity’s runtime via native Editor workflows or programmatic access. ?


            Synchronous, stateless segmentation allows you to quickly roll out changes, turn features on/off and schedule personalized content delivery.

            Sophisticated Targeting

            Assign variations of the app experience to specific app versions, devices or users.

            Deep Insights

            Developers can easily understand the impact of different features and configurations, regardless of your analytics platform.

            Questions about Unity Remote Config?

            Reach out to us for any inquiries you might have.

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