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          1. PRODUCTS

            Unity MARS

            Create intelligent mixed and augmented reality experiences that fully integrate with the real world.

            Build intelligent AR applications

            Unity MARS brings environment and sensor data into the creative workflow, so you can build intelligent AR apps that are context-aware and responsive to physical space, working in any location and with any kind of data.


            Professional-grade workflows for AR development

            A purpose-designed user interface (UI) and expert tools to:

            • Author complex, data-oriented apps visually?
            • Test experiences without leaving the Unity Editor
            • Deliver apps with runtime logic that adapt responsively to the real world and work across platforms
            Will Humphrey, Lead Creative & Studio Manager, Sugar Creative

            “We don’t see ourselves creating AR applications without [Unity] MARS going forward.”

            Will Humphrey, Lead Creative & Studio Manager, Sugar Creative
            Jamie Innes, Creative Product Lead, Fictioneers

            “Using the [Unity] MARS simulation view we’re able to quickly iterate content while testing it in a variety of unique environments, all without making a single build.”

            Jamie Innes, Creative Product Lead, Fictioneers

            Key benefits

            WYSIWYG authoring experience

            Our AR WYSIWYG editor lets you author complex, data-oriented apps visually. It has a customized window for AR creators that includes tools and UI that give you the power to see, prototype, test, and visualize robust AR apps as they will run in the real world.

            Intelligent real-world recognition

            The query system gives apps contextually relevant behavior based on the user’s surroundings. Pull in any kind of data – semantic object recognition, location data, map data, product data and more – from any source to include in your AR experience.

            Responsive visual authoring

            The procedural authoring system uses proxies to represent real-world objects, conditions, and actions as a framework.

            Test in the Unity Editor

            Test your AR experiences against a variety of examples of indoor and outdoor spaces without needing real-world data on hand or physically testing the experience in every real-world environment you want your app to work in.

            Fuzzy authoring

            Use gizmos for “fuzzy authoring” to define minimum and maximum measurements for real-world objects rather than coding precise measurements.

            Multiplatform AR dev framework

            Build your experience once and deploy across all AR platforms, including ARKit, ARCore, Magic Leap and Hololens devices, with AR Foundation. AR Foundation is the preferred method for bringing real-world understanding into Unity MARS.


            Annual subscription: $600

            Try Unity MARS free for 45 days. A Unity license is required to use Unity MARS.

            Trial details:

            • 45-day free trial
            • You can cancel at any time before the end of the free trial period
            • Once your trial expires, your total annual commitment price is $600 (plus applicable taxes)

            Your subscription includes:

            • 1 seat of Unity MARS
            • Access to all Unity MARS features
            • Annual plan with 1-year commitment

            How your commitment works:

            • 1-year minimum commitment (you can cancel after your commitment expires)
            • Annual commitment price of $600 per year, either prepaid yearly or paid monthly ($50 per month)

            Read the terms for Unity MARS.

            Learn more

            An Introduction to Unity MARS

            Unity MARS provides AR creators across industries with specialized tools and a streamlined workflow to unlock the next generation of AR experiences.

            Join the community

            Tap our dev and product teams for insight directly at any time, and see what kinds of questions other people are asking in our Unity MARS forum.

            Get started

            Start building your intelligent AR experiences. Check out the documentation for more details on how to use Unity MARS.

            AR simulation in Unity MARS

            The Simulation system reduces testing time for AR app development. Learn about this system and how creators can use it to rapidly iterate on context-adaptable AR experiences.

            Explore the Starter Templates

            Starter Templates are predesigned, customizable building blocks to help creators save time and deliver projects faster. Learn about the templates and how you can use them in your Unity MARS project.

            A plain-language approach to AR authoring

            Dive into Rules, a UI view and method for describing AR layout and behavior concisely and in plain language. Rules provides you with a clear starting point for creating your AR experiences.

            Get in touch to learn more about Unity MARS or start your free trial.

            Frequently asked questions

            Do you need to have a Unity license to purchase Unity MARS?

            Yes, a Unity license is required to use Unity MARS. Every subscription tier, including Personal, is supported.

            Which Unity plans offer Unity MARS?

            Every Unity plan supports Unity MARS. However, regardless of your plan, access to Unity MARS is by paid subscription.

            How much does a Unity MARS license cost?

            Unity MARS includes a free trial period of 45 days, after which access to Unity MARS is by annual subscription, billed at either $50/month or $600/year.

            Is Unity MARS a cloud-based product?

            No, Unity MARS is not currently a cloud-based product.

            Are floating licenses available?

            No, floating licenses are not available at this time.

            View the full list of FAQs

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