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          1. PRODUCTS

            Unity Build Server

            Offload your Unity project builds to network hardware, empowering your creative team to iterate more, produce higher quality products, and ship on time.

            Build projects at scale and drive quality

            Drive higher project quality by empowering creative teams to build projects as often as needed, quickly and easily, enabling better creative assessment and faster iteration.

            Easy to deploy and manage

            Give control back to your IT teams by using a project build solution that can be set up easily and includes tools that help you solve problems,avoid costly downtime, solves the need for nightly builds

            Solution comparison

            Unity Pro Build Server
            • For Unity Pro subscribers
            • Available?in increments of 3 Unity Pro Build Server licenses
            Unity Enterprise Build Server
            • Ten or more Build Server licenses are included with Unity Enterprise subscriptions
            • Available in increments of 5 Unity Enterprise Build Server licenses for more build capacity

            Key benefits

            Iterate faster

            When anybody on the team can build the project, everybody can review their project changes and make creative iterations more autonomously.

            Reduce downtime

            Avoid costly and frustrating downtime by eliminating the need to use a developer’s authoring environment to build a project.

            Drive higher quality

            By enabling faster iteration by more developers, creative studios empower their team to drive higher quality projects more quickly.

            Simple setup

            A simplified setup process automates the most burdensome parts of setting up build server capabilities.

            Flexible deployment

            As a floating licensing solution, Unity Build Server makes it easy to add and reconfigure build machines to your?network as your? infrastructure needs change.

            Direct control

            Unity Build Server is managed directly through the Unity ID portal, putting control squarely in the hands of IT managers, for faster and easier management and problem-solving.

            Frequently asked questions

            What is Unity Build Server?

            Unity Build Server is a more cost-effective licensing solution for building Unity projects that helps studios iterate quickly and complete projects faster by offloading computationally expensive project builds to network hardware.

            How does Unity Build Server work?

            Unity Build Server licensing is managed through a locally installed License Server on your studio network. The License Server can be managed directly through the Unity ID portal. Unity Build Server runs Unity in batchmode through a command line interface and can only be used to generate builds, not to author project content.

            Is Unity Build Server required to build Unity projects?

            No, Unity Build Server license is not required to build Unity projects. Anyone using Unity can build their projects. Unity Build Server is a more cost-effective way for creative studios to offload the computational requirements of building projects to network hardware, freeing up developer workstations and enabling higher levels of productivity.

            Which Unity plans can Build Server be used with?

            Unity Build Server is available for Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise subscribers. It is not available for Unity Plus subscribers or users with Unity Personal.

            Which version of Unity does Unity Build Server work with?

            Unity Build Server requires Unity 2019.4.3 LTS or later.

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