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          1. PRODUCTS

            Game server hosting from Multiplay

            Discover how today’s popular real-time multiplayer games launch and operate. Multiplay is the most resilient multicloud server hosting and matchmaking platform, for smooth gameplay.

            Launch without limits

            Your game’s success shouldn’t depend on having enough servers or the right skills. Multiplay removes the complexity of creating and operating back-end technology and infrastructure, so you can focus on creating an engaging player experience.

            Watch the video to learn how Respawn launched Apex Legends without limits.

            Delivering smoother player experiences

            Trusted by leading studios worldwide, Multiplay’s Cloud Platform delivers resilience and scale to your gaming infrastructure, helping game launches and live ops run smoothly.

            Multi-Cloud Scaling
            Multicloud scaling

            The cloud scales with demand, able to support even the largest games. Integrated with major public clouds and over 190 data centers, the multicloud approach is designed for resilience and performance at scale.


            Quality of Service
            Quality of Service

            Quality of Service (QoS) locates the optimum region for match connectivity. Operating across the globe, this means your players can get a stable connection wherever they’re playing.

            Zero Downtime Patching
            Zero downtime patching

            No more downtime! It’s a simpler way to deliver new content to your players, regardless of platform, for happy gamers and maximum engagement.

            Matchmaking (Beta)
            Matchmaking (beta)

            Flexible, dynamic, scalable. This is matchmaking made simple. With fully customizable match logic, this new managed service is integrated with a game server scaler, meaning any player can find the perfect game.

            Any engine, any platform, anywhere

            Whether your game is built in Unity, Unreal, or another engine, Multiplay integration is simple and works with any gaming platforms. With a growing network of data centers across 70 regions, Multiplay Cloud Platform offers worldwide coverage and 24/7 support.

            Free-to-play AAA FPS cost comparison

            Free-to-play AAA FPS cost comparison

            Take control of your costs

            Server infrastructure is expensive and it’s hard to predict and manage the impact on your bottom line without specialist support.

            Through efficient scaling algorithms and real-time infrastructure selection across leading cloud providers, Multiplay’s Cloud Platform can yield savings of up to 29% compared to single-cloud solutions.

            How much could you save? Get in touch and let’s crunch some numbers.

            Jon Shiring, Lead Engineer, Respawn Entertainment

            “Working with Multiplay gives us more flexibility, more local data centers, endless scalability, and the highest reliability, so we can offer the best service to millions of players.”

            Jon Shiring, Lead Engineer, Respawn Entertainment
            Eddie Beardsmore, COO, Coatsink

            “We will continue to work with Multiplay to support our future online multiplayer titles – we can’t recommend them enough.”

            Eddie Beardsmore, COO, Coatsink

            Key benefits

            24/7/365 live operations support

            Benefit from around-the-clock, follow-the-sun support from an experienced team of specialists.

            Technical account management

            For more advanced projects and proactive analysis, you have a dedicated point of contact.

            Experienced multiplayer specialists

            Multiplay has over 20 years’ experience shipping and operating some of the most popular multiplayer games.

            Powerful insight and analytics

            Gain visibility and valuable insight into your game-server fleet, right down to the instance level.

            War room support

            To ensure your game launches smoothly, our teams can support your live ops team on release day.

            End-to-end testing

            Reduce risk prior to launch with thorough scaling tests across live systems and infrastructure.

            Frequently asked questions

            Can Multiplay be used only with the Unity engine?

            No. Multiplay is engine agnostic; it can be used with Unity, Unreal and other engines. Multiplay has currently been integrated with over 40 different game engines.

            What platforms does Multiplay work with?

            Multiplay works with all of the major platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Android, iOS and Stadia.

            How much does Multiplay cost?

            Price varies depending on your infrastructure and needs, but customers typically see savings with Multiplay vs a single-cloud vendor. Contact the team for a bespoke quote.

            How do I get started?

            Contact the team to learn more about how Multiplay can support you with the migration of an existing title or your next project. We can set up a proof of concept for you right away.

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