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          1. PRODUCTS

            Unity Game Simulation

            Automate testing and run thousands of playthroughs of your game.

            Simulate thousands of playthroughs of your game

            When launching or updating a game, human playtesting helps to achieve better balance, locate bugs, and validate entertainment value, but it’s costly and time-consuming.

            Unity Game Simulation saves you time by using a virtual player to simulate playthroughs on your actual game code to help automate your game balance and QA playtests.

            Test smarter, not harder

            South Korean developer SundayToz leveraged Unity Game Simulation, replacing an unwieldy in-house testing solution, to automate hundreds of hours of game balance testing across hundreds of levels – at a fraction of the cost and complexity.

            Key features

            Build parameterization

            Easily upload your game build and parameterize various testing scenarios to run simulated playthroughs on your game code.

            Metric generation

            Track metrics by placing counters throughout simulated playthroughs that can be set, increased, reset or checked at any time.

            Cloud simulation

            Simultaneously simulate multiple playthroughs in parallel to increase the accuracy and speed of your testing results.

            Grid search

            Simultaneously test thousands – or even millions – of game settings.? Generate an exhaustive list of parameter combinations to optimize character attributes, level design and difficulty progression.

            Data aggregation

            Aggregate and analyze counter results over thousands of playthroughs and integrate with your existing analytics system.

            Workflow flexibility

            Integrate Game Simulation into build and continuous integration (CI) pipelines with public REST APIs, or set parameters and kick off simulations via a web-based dashboard.

            Metric validation

            Measure your game balance by defining target ranges for metrics, for more precise and agile testing. With Metric Validation, developers can instantly identify the parameter combinations most likely to lead to a high-quality, balanced game by shortening the loop between testing and actionable feedback.

            Death Carnival by Furyion Games

            Weapon socket system balancing for Furyion Games

            Learn how Furyion compressed 165 million playthroughs into 10 efficient simulations to ensure their game Death Carnival looked, felt, and played its best on launch day, saving them roughly $80K of testing budget and 600 hours of dev time.

            Illogika Rogue Racers game

            How iLLOGIKA optimized for game balance

            Learn how iLLOGIKA used Game Simulation to compress 47 days of playthrough tests into just four hours of simulation time, ensuring their game Rogue Racers didn’t leave players in the dust.

            Get started

            Tap the community

            Find answers to your technical questions, and connect with Game Simulation experts and customers.

            Grow your knowledge

            Get the information you need, when you need it. Our library of blog posts, webinars and workshops is available on demand.


            Access Unity’s official documentation to find instructions and tutorials.

            What game studios say about Unity Game Simulation

            David Fugère-Lamarre, CEO, iLLOGIKA

            “This will allow us to bring Rogue Racers to market faster with a finely tuned player progression.”

            David Fugère-Lamarre, CEO, iLLOGIKA
            Régis Geoffrion, Studio Director, iLLOGIKA

            “These tools are going to be a big part of improving player experience in the future as well as help reduce the time required to launch new titles successfully.”

            Régis Geoffrion, Studio Director, iLLOGIKA
            Herbert Yung, Studio Director, Furyion

            “Using Unity Game Simulation saved us hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars of labor. Because it is seamlessly integrated with the rest of Unity, we were able to run simulations, then make gameplay tweaks within moments. Not only was this process hundreds of times faster than with playtesters, but we were able to design our simulation to provide high-quality results.”

            Herbert Yung, Studio Director, Furyion

            Optimize your game balance

            Simulate millions of game playthroughs in the cloud with Unity Game Simulation.

            Frequently asked questions

            How do I get access to Unity Game Simulation?

            Sign in to your account on www.le532.com to try Game Simulation for free.

            Do I need a Unity account to access Unity Game Simulation?

            Yes. You need a Unity account to access Unity Game Simulation.

            How much does Unity Game Simulation cost?

            Unity Game Simulation is free to use within certain limits?–?500 free playthrough hours, plus other conditions that we outline below. If your needs exceed this range, contact us to set up a plan.

            How do you define a simulation hour?

            A simulation hour is the time your Unity build runs in our simulation service. For each individual simulation, we run your project on a single instance with these specs:

            • 6 vCPUs on 2.8GHz Cascade Lake processors
            • 22.5GB memory

            As a user of Game Simulation, you can run up to 10 simulations in parallel. For example, you can run one simulation for one hour, which will consume one simulation hour, or you could run 10 simulations for one hour, which would consume 10 hours.

            When do we start being billed for simulation hours?

            Below are the activities, that trigger a charge for one simulation hour:

            1. Pull the user uploaded build into the instance and launch the simulation
            2. Run the simulation of Unity build on the instance
            3. Upload any results and player logs to storage to be able to access

            We currently do not charge for storage or traffic for downloading or uploading builds. However, if a simulation fails or is cancelled, the simulation hours will still be billed.

            What are the technical requirements for using Game Simulation?

            Using Game Simulation requires:

            • Using Unity 2018+
            • Ability to create a Linux build

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