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          1. Products

            deltaDNA: Better games for everyone

            Build intelligent long-term relationships with your players using personalized engagement.?

            Manage your whole game economy in one place

            Download the SDK so that your games can send information to the deltaDNA platform for visualization, analysis and gameplay personalization.

            Learn from your data

            Uncover all the insights buried in your game data with our data mining, visualizations and reporting tools.

            Interact with your players

            Engage your players the way they want to be engaged, on a personal basis, in real-time, live.

            Manage your campaigns

            Optimize your communications strategy with effective and flexible campaign management tools.

            Gregory Feuz, Head of Live Operations, Behaviour Interactive

            “Being able to tailor our players’ experiences based on their data thanks to deltaDNA’s tools has significantly improved the performance of our games. It is the best analytical tool I’ve worked with.”

            Gregory Feuz, Head of Live Operations, Behaviour Interactive
            Andrew Stone, CEO, Random Logic Games

            “DeltaDNA has been a complete game changer for our business. We use every aspect of the platform to customize the gaming experience for each player, resulting in net increases to ROI and other KPIs.”

            Andrew Stone, CEO, Random Logic Games
            Eyad Al Basheer, COO, Tamatem

            “DeltaDNA allows us to segment our users and maximize monetization from each bucket of users. It is vital to the running of our mobile games.”

            Eyad Al Basheer, COO, Tamatem
            Ben McDonagh, CEO, Green Jade Games

            “We’re just scratching the surface of deltaDNA’s capabilities of supporting our business. The relationship support has been (and remains) fantastic, with experts in each area easily accessible.”

            Ben McDonagh, CEO, Green Jade Games
            Kevin Urie, Head of Marketing, Screenzilla Entertainment

            “DeltaDNA’s roadmap and focus on providing complete insights on the player journey, while creating personalized experiences, aligns perfectly with our mission to put players first in everything we do.”

            Kevin Urie, Head of Marketing, Screenzilla Entertainment

            Analytics designed specifically for games

            From the database architecture to the user interface, the deltaDNA platform is designed to make it easier for you to improve your game.

            Real-time engagement

            With game-balancing and event-triggered campaigns, deltaDNA technology allows you to make your games truly responsive to the behaviors and preferences of your players. Real-time engagement and optimization separate great games from merely good ones.

            Data mining and direct access

            The Data Mining tool facilitates quick-and-easy interrogation of your data to get insights on any tracked aspect of your game. You have full access to all of your data, so you can complement deltaDNA with other analytics tools (e.g., Tableau, R, SQL).

            Custom instance

            Every deltaDNA user has different priorities and responsibilities. Custom dashboards, saved queries, embedded intelligence and built-in templates make it easy to get straight to what creates value for you and your players.

            Put your players first

            Learn from your players’ behaviors, personas, and preferences.
            Deliver bespoke engagement in real-time.

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