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          1. Welcome to Unity

            We are the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content. We empower creators. Across industries and around the world.


            Who we are

            We believe the world is a better place with more creators in it. This is at the core of our business because we believe our technology can change the world. Our products give content creators the tools to not just entertain but to create innovative RT3D experiences and deliver better processes for almost every industry.

            Unity - Shape the world

            Shape the world

            Unity Values

            This is what we stand for and what we aspire to be. Our values inform how we do our jobs and how we treat each other every day, while also helping us make the right decisions for our customers, partners, and collaborators.


            Users first

            We put users first… they are rock stars and we are their biggest fans. Our shared dedication to users holds us together, defines and aligns our work and drives us to deliver for them.

            Best ideas win

            We believe great ideas can come from anywhere. We have vigorous debates, we listen and learn, and we make sure the best ideas win. We care enough to go through the pain of messy conversations.

            In it together

            We are Citizens of Unity. We act like owners. We’re activists; we have a voice and use it. We’re direct and candid, with good intent. We respect each other’s uniqueness and we’re in it together.

            Go bold

            We do bold things. We go big and when we fail, we learn, get better and go big again. We challenge and elevate each other beyond our limits to do what may seem impossible. We stay curious and hungry. ??

            How we live our values


            We recognize and validate the perspectives and experiences of others, even without connecting ourselves to those experiences. It’s about listening to understand, not to respond.


            We root our efforts in empathy by taking everyday actions that acknowledge individual experiences and perspectives.


            We demonstrate respect for the knowledge and experience of others by empowering them to contribute, create, or lead based on their knowledge and experience.

            Our impact by the numbers

            In 2019

            gamers (on average per month) communicated across platforms using Unity voice and text services
            times apps developed by Unity creators downloaded per month
            of top 1,000 grossing mobile games powered by Unity globally
            of games were powered by Unity (PC/console/top mobile games combined)
            different platforms run Unity creations
            countries and territories have Unity creators

            Make a difference around the world

            Unity operates 39 offices in 18 countries. Want to make a difference? Come on board.

            Our community inspires us

            Creators around the world are passionate about Unity. Every day, they create and publish amazing games and experiences and share them with the world. You can learn all about them in our blog, forums, and at Unity events.

            Our leadership

            John Riccitiello
            President, Chief Executive Officer & Director
            Kim Jabal
            Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
            Scott Pitasky
            Senior Vice President & Chief People Officer
            Dave Rhodes
            Senior Vice President & General Manager, Unity Create Solutions
            Clive Downie
            Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
            Ruth Ann Keene
            Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
            Joachim Ante
            Chief Technology Officer
            Brett Bibby
            Senior Vice President & Chief Product Officer
            Ingrid Lestiyo
            Senior Vice President and General Manager, Operate Solutions
            Luc Barthelet
            Senior Vice President and General Manager, Technology
            Danny Lange
            Senior Vice President, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
            Sylvio Drouin
            Senior Vice President, Unity Labs
            Ralph Hauwert
            Senior Vice President, Research & Development

            Board of Directors

            Roelof Botha
            Sequoia Capital, Managing Member
            Egon Durban
            Silver Lake Partners, Co-Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner
            David Helgason
            Nordic Makers, Partner
            Alyssa Henry
            Square, Seller Lead
            John Riccitiello
            Unity, President, Chief Executive Officer & Director
            Barry Schuler
            DFJ Growth, Managing Director & Partner
            Robynne Sisco
            Workday, President and Chief Financial Officer
            Mary Schmidt Campbell
            Mary Schmidt Campbell, Ph.D
            Spelman College, President
            Luis Visoso
            Luis Visoso
            Palo Alto Networks, Chief Financial Officer

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