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          1. Cyber week

            Get a gift with purchase. Limited time only. December 6
            Get a gift with purchase. Limited time only. December 6

            Unity Teach

            Prepare your students today for the jobs of tomorrow in the field of interactive design and development. Teach them how to use Unity to create interactive products and experiences in 2D, 3D, AR and VR.


            Access free educational resources for schools and educators making the transition to distance learning due to COVID-19. Learn more
            Teach Unity

            Access free resources for teaching Unity technology in your classrooms, programs, and courses. Find complementary materials for educators and learners – lesson plans, standards alignment, projects, assessments, organizers, and more!

            Education Grant License

            Apply to get Unity Pro for in-class instruction and student practice. This license is free for qualifying not-for-profit education institutions. Educators may complete the quick online application on behalf of their school or program.

            Unity Learn

            Access hundreds of tutorials, projects and courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. These resources are designed for the independent learner and can be used to supplement instructor-led learning.

            Interactive design and development

            Interactive design and development careers are growing rapidly and span industries, including:

            Teach “Create with Code”

            In this free course from Unity, students learn to Create with Code as they program their own projects from scratch in C#. They iterate with prototypes, tackle programming challenges, and complete quizzes. By the end of the course, students will be ready to put their skills to the test on the Unity Certified User Exam. Most importantly, they will know they can Create with Code. Educator resources included.

            Please see the Teacher Training module for Create with Code to get information on best ways to bring this into the classroom.

            Resources for students

            Unity Student plan
            Our new Unity Student plan gives eligible students free access to the professional-grade 3D development tools used on the job across industries. Collaborate easily on school projects, get unlimited access to Learn Premium, work in the easy-on-the-eyes dark UI environment great for those late nights, and more.

            Unity Learn

            Home to Unity’s award-winning learning materials, our new learning platform makes it even easier to browse our resources. Discover hundreds of free projects and tutorials, including two new beginner projects – Ruby’s Adventure: 2D Beginner and John Lemon’s Haunted Jaunt: 3D Beginner.?

            Create with Code

            High school students can learn to Create with Code as they program their own exciting projects from scratch in C#.?

            By the end of the course?they will be ready to earn the Unity Certified User: Programmer certification.

            Student Ambassador Program

            Join a global community of Unity creators and community organizers who are eager to help faculty and other students learn to create with Unity.?

            Ambassadors receive Unity training and access to industry events.


            Stand out from the crowd by becoming Unity Certified. A Unity Certification demonstrates to employers that you have the technical skills and applied knowledge they need.


            Teach Unity across a range of subjects

            Computer science

            Create with Code is a standards-aligned full-course curriculum for teaching computer programming for Unity development. It includes everything educators need to successfully bring Unity into their classrooms. Students learn to program their own projects in C# coding language. Upon completion, students will be ready for the Unity Certified User: Programmer Exam.

            Game design and development

            Set students on the path to becoming game developers with Unity, the leading platform for game development used by professionals across the globe. Find everything you need to teach game design and development – from game design fundamentals, game narrative, and no-coding-required game kits, all the way to game projects they code themselves.

            Virtual reality (VR)

            Dive into creating virtual reality in your classroom, no experience required. Students learn how to develop a VR simulation and deploy it, with or without coding. This learning path includes standards-aligned lesson plans, assessments, assets, and learner-facing tutorials.

            Science – physics

            Engage students by using the physics functionality in the Unity platform. Students modify a catapult through parameters such as weight and angle to see motion trajectory, measure distance, and observe real physics behavior in action. This pathway includes flexible educator lesson plans, assessments, projects, and learner-facing tutorials.

            Art and media
            Coming soon

            Explore interactive digital storytelling using Unity. Tap into how digital story writers construct narrative for interactive mediums, like games, film animations, and unique interactive art projects. See how Unity interface elements are used, understand core logic, interaction physics, and workflows for turning video and photographs into digital assets for your 3D environment.?

            Math concepts

            Explore math concepts like probability by manipulating an interactive Unity project. Access standards-aligned lesson plans, assets?and projects for engaging students with unique teaching techniques. See how core Unity capabilities and products can provide a primer and enable key concepts.

            Market and demand

            Unity Developer grew 5x as one of LinkedIn’s Top 20 Emerging Jobs and is the seventh fastest-growing job.

            The average salary for interactive development is $85,121 versus the industry average of $53,040.

            The XR Market & Demand is forecast to grow to over $215B by 2021.

            Over 2.4 million active students used Unity in the past 12 months.

            What educators say

            Yvie Raij, Teacher, Balboa High School

            “I'm teaching 21st century skills including creativity and critical thinking. ?With Unity, my students can manifest their world with a huge range and breadth in what they can build.

            Yvie Raij, Teacher, Balboa High School
            Zackary Spink, Computer Science Specialist, NEA Education Cooperative

            “Interactive design and technologies impact students by giving them a platform to develop profound skills – perseverance, collaboration, pattern recognition, tool utilization, communication, and problem-solving.”

            Zackary Spink, Computer Science Specialist, NEA Education Cooperative
            Azine Davoudzadeh, AP Computer Science/VS.Net Teacher, Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon Valley Unified School District

            “Unity has been great for me to help students visualize objects versus just seeing the code. The dynamic and visual interface makes learning programming a lot more engaging and fun for students, which in turn helps me get students interested in the subject.”

            Azine Davoudzadeh, AP Computer Science/VS.Net Teacher, Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon Valley Unified School District
            Alexei Othenin-Girard, Teacher and Program Coordinator, Balboa High School Game Design Academy

            “With interactive design as an important tool, ?Unity helps my students organize their thoughts, make their ideas concrete, and learn research skills.”

            Alexei Othenin-Girard, Teacher and Program Coordinator, Balboa High School Game Design Academy
            Evan Harrison, Educator, Chimacum High School, Chimacum School District #49

            “I've used Unity as an important tool for visualizations and simulations; however, mostly I appreciate how easy and fun it is for students to create their own virtual environments using the terrain tools and the imported standard assets.”

            Evan Harrison, Educator, Chimacum High School, Chimacum School District #49
            Krystel Theuvenin, Teacher, Academy of Innovative Technology High School

            “As a free tool with so much content, both in the form of tutorials and the manual/API, Unity makes it easy to provide students with the content they need to strengthen their skills.”

            Krystel Theuvenin, Teacher, Academy of Innovative Technology High School

            Get the free Unity Curricular Framework

            This free toolkit will help you create a Unity curriculum. It?includes the Unity Curricular Framework and Professional Skills Standards, which map to learning objectives for academic standards and are designed to achieve high-quality outcomes in the classroom.

            Instructor training and certifications

            Unity Certified Instructors can deliver Unity Authorized Workshops that make an impact on students. Facilitate the growing number of creators who want to learn Unity skills.

            Unity and community support

            Unity Global Education Advisory Board

            Industry and academic leaders with expertise in cultivating and hiring interactive design and development talent meet twice a year to provide guidance and feedback on strategic decisions to fulfill Unity Education’s vision to enable everyone to become a creator.

            Join our Education community on Facebook

            Keep up-to-date with news about the latest products and programs to support Unity Educators, and stories about how educators like you are using Unity to teach valuable digital literacy and game development skills.

            Join the Unity Academic Alliance

            The world’s most forward-looking, innovative and experienced academic institutions are building the workforce of tomorrow. ?????

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